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There's something about traveling and reading that just goes together. While you are traveling you have plenty of time to fill while waiting in airports and making train journeys, and picking up a book is one of the best ways to make use of that time. Reading can also help you to get "under the skin" of the places you are traveling to.

Imagine if you could consistently direct your readers to the perfect novel to read after they have enjoyed one of your travel posts?

If you are traveling around the world and blogging about your experiences or if you have a blog which promotes travel, then this is your chance to work with Packabook to enhance the experience for your readers.

And it costs you nothing!

This is how it works....

Let's just say you know that in a couple of days you are going to write a post about visiting art galleries in Paris. All you need to do is let us know and we will come up with some 'Recommended Reading' to add to your post.

So for example - for your Paris post - we would provide you with something like this box below, to add to the end of your own content.


And to help you get into the mood, here's some recommended reading from Packabook

  • 'Claude and Camille: A Novel of Monet' by Stephanie Cowell A fictionalized version of the relationship between artist Claude Monet and his muse, the beautiful Camille. Not only do we learn of their love, but it is a great insight into the world of the Impressionists. You will never look at their paintings in the same way again.


Packabook's greatest aim in life is to enhance your journey by finding novels that are perfectly suited to your travel experiences. Find more books set in France at the Packabook site....

This is a great service you can offer your readers at no expense to yourself. While we are providing you with the recommendations, you are giving us valuable links back to our site. If you are comfortable with us providing our affiliate links to the books themselves, then we will do that - but it is not compulsory.

We see this as a great way for Packabook to work with travel bloggers, and as an opportunity to build relationships for the future. As Packabook grows we will be looking at other ways to develop those relationships and we already have lots of ideas on how your blog and our site can co-exist. (Watch this space!)

Of course, we cannot always promise that there will be appropriate books to recommend but we have thousands of books cataloged by location (most of them not yet up on the site) and so we at least have a good chance of finding something.

Why not give it a go and see what your readers think? We can even do it for posts you have already published.

Send us an email at putting 'Packabook recommends request' in the subject line and we'll take it from there....

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